Take advantage of the free space of your luggage

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Take advantage of the free space of your luggage

Take orders in 3 steps

1. Choose the orders you like.

All orders are paid and confirmed.

2. Buy and receive the order

Earn money by taking orders from the United States to Peru.

3. Delivery the order and charge

Receive your payment in your bank of preference, without problems.

Earn up to $ 600 for the free space you have in your luggage!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who will buy the products?

    You, as a traveller, will have to buy the products with your money and deliver them,Courier will refund you the total to charge

  • Where should I deliver the products?

    All the orders will have to be delivered at Courier's office,find your local address here

  • Will I receive the products before my flight?

    You must simulate the purchase at the store to verify the delivery date at your address.Tip: Don't take the order if the delivery date is too close to your flight date

  • How to calculate taxes & shipping?

    You must simulta the purchase at the store to see the taxes and shipping cost. The price of these products should include them

  • What if a products changes it's price

    The total to charge is what Courier will pay you. If a product reduces its price, it will benefit you. If a product rises its price, your commission will be less if you accept the order

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