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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to pay anything else after my order?

    No. All of the amounts have already been calculated on the final price. You won't need to pay anything extra if all the information that you added is correct.

  • Where will I receive my order?

    Your order will be delivered to the delivery address that you registered when you placed your order. You won't need to pay any additional fee for your home delivery

  • Who will bring my order?

    A registered traveler or courier company will purchase your order on your behalf and will bring your order to your country. Your order will be delivered to your address through a last-mile logistic company

  • What happens if a traveler or courier doesn't deliver my order?

    Qempo is the company that holds your payment and money, so your payment will only be distributed to the traveler or courier when your order is delivered successfully.

  • Can I cancel my order?

    You can cancel your order only if nobody has taken your order. In case somebody did, you won't be able to cancel because the purchase has already been made. If you cancel your order a refund will be made to the same payment method that you used